Everyone is looking for an answer to the bullying and cyberbullying problem. We know where it can be found: in teens themselves. We’ve met so many who are coming up with creative ideas, and running with them. They are spearheading movements and making a real, measurable difference. And here are some of their stories. Join them, and join us. Words wound, but words can also heal and help. We know it, and you know it - and so let's stop standing on the sidelines. Let's get in there and do something about it.

Justin and Sameer, creators of Words Wound

It Takes One

It Takes One ITO Club logo

Click here for an ABC News video about the club and their efforts to combat bullying (featuring Words Wound)!

At Cumberland Valley High School in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, a group of us high schoolers decided to create the “It Takes One” (ITO) club. ITO focuses on the prevention and awareness of bullying and all other forms of harassment. We emphasize the fact that it only takes one active bystander to defuse and prevent these types of conflicts. During club meetings, we frequently host guest speakers. We also do team-building activities and games. We hope these meetings will not only help give students the courage to stand up for one another, but also help them understand each other’s point of view. ~ Eden Klepper, 17

As a club started to prevent bullying, ITO has grown to represent so much more. A safe haven for students who feel left out during the school day, a place to laugh with friends after class, somewhere to relax before the stress of homework begins, and an all-around judgment-free zone are all ideals ITO represents. Students feel safe coming to our club meetings because they know they can be themselves, which unfortunately seems to be a change for many high school students. Whether we’re watching movies, bowling, making ice-cream sundaes, or studying the effects of being a positive bystander, the leaders and members of the ITO club strive to foster a school culture in which students feel comfortable being themselves and standing up for others. ~ Taylor Barber, 17

ITO has broadened our school’s views on bullying. We’ve helped our peers understand that bullying is no longer an act that can be defined by a single action. Through the club’s meetings and announcements, we’ve also taught each other that the school is a family. We look after each other, and we stand up for one another as if we were brothers or sisters. ITO has educated students, staff, and advisors on the importance of identifying an act of bullying and on how anyone can be the “one” — the one who takes the first step in preventing bullying. ~ Nathan Tran, 17

First and foremost, the ITO club instills in its members and the entire school the positive message of respecting all people. Yes, we advocate people becoming active bystanders so that bullying behavior can be thwarted, but we have a deeper goal: to show students the power of being respectful. I have seen this come to fruition through the class meetings at school and our club meetings. The presence of our club pushes people to see the consequences of their actions. That will not only help people end bullying, but it will also make people better citizens. ~ Mike Casciotti, 17