Everyone is looking for an answer to the bullying and cyberbullying problem. We know where it can be found: in teens themselves. We’ve met so many who are coming up with creative ideas, and running with them. They are spearheading movements and making a real, measurable difference. And here are some of their stories. Join them, and join us. Words wound, but words can also heal and help. We know it, and you know it - and so let's stop standing on the sidelines. Let's get in there and do something about it.

Justin and Sameer, creators of Words Wound

We Are All Daniel Cui

daniel cui words wound

Daniel Cui was a freshman soccer goalie from Hillsborough, California. During his first season, a lot of students were blaming him and bullying him online for his team losing all of their games. To show support for Daniel, his teammates and dozens of other students changed their Facebook profile pictures to one of him making a great save. Others tagged, liked, and commented on the photo posts to encourage and cheer Daniel on. He came back the following year and played with a new sense of confidence, helping his team to many victories.  This shows what can happen when we demonstrate to others we believe in them and build them up, rather than hate on them and tear them down.  You’d want others to pull for you, wouldn’t you?  Stand up for what’s right whenever you see someone being targeted – and get your friends to step in as well.  You never know how huge a difference you can be to someone’s life! You can view Daniel’s story here.