Valerie Weisler


Throughout high school, Valerie Weisler was bullied by her peers because she sought out friendships with people who were considered the odd ones out – for example, the hearing-impaired janitor or the boy who skipped ahead two grade levels. When reaching out and helping these “odd ones out” she felt like her “battery was being recharged”. Noticing how great it felt to help others she created The Validation Project. This online program connects people from the ages 13-25 with community service opportunities and a mentor to help them based off of their personal interests and giftings. Connecting people with the community and helping them impact the world around them also has the ancillary effect of imbuing their life with worth and purpose – which insulates them from the negatives of peer harassment. This project has spread to every state within the U.S. as well as over 100 countries including France, Germany, India, Pakistan, England, Korea, Australia, Africa, Israel, Belgium. Overall, The Validation Project has enlisted 6000 teens in 970 schools. These teens are making a real difference by volunteering their time to do good and being swept up in a transcendent purpose much bigger than the daily dramas they might see or face at school.