Jeremiah Anthony


As a freshman, Jeremiah Anthony primarily sat alone during lunch for the entire year – except for two individuals who made it a point to chat with him. That they desired to get to know him meant so much that he started to reach out to others on campus in a similar way. From this arose a strong desire to promote positivity and highlight the good in everyone at West High School in Iowa City, and so he spearheaded an anonymous Twitter account (@westhighbros) to sincerely compliment his peers – both those who were popular and well-known, as well as those in the shadows. In his words, “I hope the positive movement spreads everywhere and that the world becomes a happier place. I don’t want to just end bullying I want to improve the happiness of my surroundings one tweet at a time.” Not only has it improved the collective climate at his school, it has had a powerful impact on the individuals who go there. One day, while in line to get pizza in the cafeteria, he received a random bear hug from a fellow classmate. After asking the girl with tears in her eyes why she was hugging him, she replied, ““I was going to kill myself, but I saw your compliment to me on my Facebook page and I realized how dumb it’d be to kill myself and that I do have worth and people to care about me.”