Words Wound

I really do hope that I'm someone who steps up to lend a hand when I witness cyberbullying, no matter who it is, instead of just staying silent. I know it's the right thing. And I know it's up to me.

Phelan, 16, New Jersey

Positive Post-it Day

Like many teens around the world, Airdrie, Alberta student Caitlin Haacke was bullied at school. Instead of getting angry and lashing back at the bullies, she turned her pain into positivity directed toward others. In a simple and inexpensive way, Caitlin made kindness go viral at her school and beyond by posting notes of appreciation, compassion, and thoughtfulness throughout her school. This movement spread across her community and throughout North America.

"After being bullied in my school, I saw this idea on Pinterest about a school in the States who put Post Its all over there school and I decided that I wanted to take that stand against bullying as well. I bought over 800 post-it notes, wrote positive messages on them, and put them all over the school. My entire community, especially the Airdrie Moms, rallied together to make October 9th "Positive Post-It Day." This community helped support and all cooperated together to make this day a huge success. A nationally celebrated day, we are preparing to continue the idea and post-it the world next year during the first Monday in October! This is a free way to show people you truly care about them! If you wish to donate, please feel free to donate to your local bullying initiatives."

You can follow Caitlin's efforts on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/positivepostitday and here is a great video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87RC1NQgPzQ) summarizing the first Positive Post-it Day!