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Social Media

After School Ask.fm Badoo DeviantArt Facebook FourSquare Instagram Keek
  • Report Abuse email: feedback@keek.com
  • Privacy, Spam, Malicious Violations email: privacy@keek.com
  • To Report a User: Navigate to the “Bio” section of your account and Click on “Report User” at the bottom of the “Bio” section.
LinkedIn MeetMe: MeetUp: Pinterest Qooh.me Reddit
  • The report button, shown on all links and comments provides a way for you to report abusive content to the moderators.
Snapchat Spillit Tagged
  • Report A Profile: Select the “Report Profile” button next to the profile photo of the user and fill out the information required.
  • Block a User: Select “Block User” link to the left of users profile photo
  • Report A Photograph: Click “Report Abuse” icon on the bottom of photograph in question.
  • Report Message: Select “Report Abuse” link in the message bar
  • Report Content Harmful to Minors: http://www.missingkids.com/cybertipline/ or email childsafety@tagged.com
  • Law enforcement: http://safety.tagged.com/lawenforcement/
Tinder Tumblr Twitter Vimeo Vine
  • To Report Abuse: https://vine.co/contact (Choose Abuse and fill out form)
  • Vine Support Form: https://support.twitter.com/forms/vine
  • To Report a Post: Click on the bottom right side button (…) and Click “Report Post”
  • To Report a Spam or Block User: Click on user's name, then Click on the top right button (…), then click on “Report This Person” or “Report as Spam”
VK.com Whisper Yeti Campus Stories YikYak
  • To Report Abuse: Click on the comment and Press "Report" on the upper right hand corner.
  • Send an email with a screenshot of the comment attached to theyak@yikyakapp.com
YouTube Messaging Services Kik ooVoo Skype Text Plus Viber WeChat WeHeartIt WhatsApp Zello Classifieds Craigslist Search Engines Ask.com Bing Google URL of form to fill out: http://support.google.com/bin/static.py?hl=en&ts=1114905&page=ts.cs
  • USA Toll Free phone: 1-877-355-5787
  • Worldwide Toll Free phone: 1-404-978-9282
  • Additional Phone: 650-253-0000
MSN (Hotmail, Skype, Passport, XBox, etc.) Report concern: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/security/cc165610.aspx Safety and Security Center for Families: http://www.microsoft.com/security/family-safety/default.aspx#Products Law enforcement: http://info.publicintelligence.net/MSN-Compliance.pdf Yahoo

Cell Phone Service Providers

AT&T Cricket Wireless Sprint and BoostMobile T-Mobile
  • phone: 800-866-2453 or 877-453-1304
Verizon Virgin Mobile

Internet Service Providers

AT&T Brighthouse CenturyLink Charter Comcast
  • phone: 888-565-4329 (Customer Security Assurance Department)
  • Report child pornography: CPReports@comcast.net
  • Report cyberbullying: Copy and paste any evidence into an email and send to: abuse@comcast.net including the words “Harassment Investigation” in the subject line.
  • email: abuse@comcast.net
Earthlink Qwest (Now part of CenturyLink)


Club Penguin United League of Legends Minecraft NeoPets Playstation Network Pogo Poptropica Roblox
  • Utilize the “Report Abuse” buttons located throughout the site. These Report Abuse buttons send a report directly to the moderators.
  • Reporting abuse: Click “Menu” then click “Report Abuse”, fill out form accordingly.
  • Email: info@roblox.com
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